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Boost sales, SEO and Social Media for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.


A new and exceptionally cost-effective way to promote your business

Quinndex can help your business from only


Per Month and without contracts.

Plus, you can turn it on or off as required!

Quinndex Benefits...

✔️ Increase in sales for your Business.
✔️ Increased traffic to your website & socials.
✔️ Huge improvement in SEO.
✔️ More visibility for your brand & business.

We've got you covered...

✔️ Cancel at any time.
✔️ 24/7 support.
✔️ Low monthly payment.
✔️ No contracts.

Quinndex Benefits...

✔️ Increase in sales for your Business.
✔️ Increased traffic to your website & socials.
✔️ Huge improvement in SEO.
✔️ More visibility for your brand & business.

We've got you covered...

✔️ Cancel at any time.
✔️ 24/7 support.
✔️ Low monthly payment.
✔️ No contracts.

Quinndex’s hybrid word-of-mouth and traditional digital marketing system will make your business a more profitable one. See how it works in the video below!

For a more in-depth look to how Quinndex can help boost your business, watch the video below.

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Here’s What You Get.

An Increase In Overall Sales

We drive thousands of customers to your Quinndex premium business listing each month through a hybrid version of marketing that combines traditional word of mouth, modern digital techniques and rewards for consumers to shop at your business or use your service. This means more footfall and more online visitors, which, of course, means more revenue.

Improved Social Media Profiles

We use direct links to your social media profiles from our platform; then, through the vast amount of traffic we generate, this converts into potential customers looking for businesses like yours hitting your social media links. When this happens in the volume that we can generate, your social media stats will improve dramatically.

Benefit From Improved SEO

We use intelligent search algorithms that Google loves. Essentially, Google lists all of our listings under a separate Quinndex folder; they also list them independently. This, by association, will dramatically improve your SEO; however, coupled with the amount of traffic we generate for your listing and, by proxy, for your site and social media channels, means your rankings will fly.

See what our customers are saying…

I was initially hesitant to invest in another marketing platform, but Quinndex has truly blown me away. Since making the switch, not only have our sales experienced a noticeable uptick, but our website’s search ranking has also significantly improved. Our social media channels are more active and engaging than ever before, and I attribute a lot of that success to the tools and insights offered by Quinndex. What really astounds me is the value for money. At just €49.95 per month, the ROI has been incredible. Their user-friendly interface and top-notch customer service are just the cherry on top. For any SME looking to elevate their marketing game, I wholeheartedly recommend Quinndex.

Harvey B.

- Sushinoen

I run a small local business, and to be honest, I’ve always been a bit wary of digital marketing platforms — I felt like most were too complicated or just not for me. But then I gave Quinndex a shot. For just €49.95 a month, it’s been a game-changer. Sales? Up. Website visibility? Way better. And our social media feels less like a chore and more like a tool now. The platform’s simple doesn’t have a steep learning curve, and if I ever hit a snag, their support team’s been there to guide me. For small businesses unsure about taking that digital leap, Quinndex is a friendly nudge in the right direction.

Jessica F.

- Beauty Box

Before Quinndex, our small business struggled to make a significant impact online. But ever since we hopped on board with this platform, everything has changed. Our sales charts are steadily climbing, and our website is popping up in search results more frequently than we ever imagined. And the impact on our social media? Phenomenal. We’re seeing genuine engagement, more shares, and a lot more traction. What’s more, all these fantastic results come at such a pocket-friendly price of €49.95 a month! The platform is intuitive, easy to navigate, and their customer support is always ready to help. For SMEs wanting a comprehensive yet affordable marketing solution, Quinndex is a no-brainer!

Mark C.

- Bubbleology

Navigating the digital marketing realm as an SME can often feel like treading through a maze, but Quinndex has transformed that journey into a straight path to success. Our sales have skyrocketed, our website’s SEO performance has never been better, and our social media buzz is more alive than ever. For just €49.95 a month, it feels like we’ve unlocked a secret weapon in the online marketplace. The platform is both robust and user-friendly, and the team behind Quinndex ensures we’re always taken care of. If you’re an SME seeking to make waves in the digital space, then Quinndex is your vessel. Highly recommended!

Louis M.

- The Red Lion

Heres how we do it!

A Quinndex Success Story.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Check out how this Manchester restaurant utilized a Quinndex Premium Listing and achieved some very impressive results. 

Over the course of three months, Mackie Mayor search terms rocketed, with a click-through rate of over 55%, which is exceptional. Take a look at the success story video and see how they turned a monthly payment of £49.95 into a gross profit return of tens of thousands of pounds. 

Three Steps To Success

Step 1

Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the option best for you.  Don’t worry; you can change your options anytime if you want more or less of a boost for your business.

Step 2

Our team will analyse your provided information and create a tailor-made premium listing for you. Expect to hear back from us within a few days with a comprehensive plan to take your business to new heights.

Step 3

Your listing is live; we search engine optimise, apply our algorithms and release our broadcasters while you and your business reap the benefits of being Quinndexed.


Are there really no contracts?

Yes, that’s correct; we operate on a rolling monthly basis. If you want to stop at any point, you can do so simply with one month’s notice. If you want to reinstate your listing at any point to reinvigorate your business, just let us know, and we will reactivate it. You can switch the process on or off as often as you wish.

Can I upgrade my package?

Absolutely! With Quinndex, we empower you to take control of your package and adapt it to your evolving business needs. Our flexible options allow you to seamlessly transition to a different package whenever desired. Whether you’re experiencing exponential growth or ready to unleash the full potential of your marketing strategy, we’ve got the perfect package for you. Simply let us know, and we’ll make it happen, ensuring you always stay ahead of the competition with Quinndex.

Why do you only list 2% of businesses?

If we listed every business, then everyone would be on an even footing, and there would be no benefit to having our service. Because we will only ever list 2% of businesses as an absolute maximum, if you Quinndex your business, you will be a member of a very select club that has exceptional benefits for your business. There has to be a “top of the pile”, and with Quinndex, you can be there.

Will it always be the same cost each month?

Yes, whatever plan you choose, that price will remain fixed for that month, so for example, if you select the Blossom plan, it will remain £49.95 per month until you cancel.  

How soon will I see results?

Sometimes, you can see exceptional results quickly, i.e. within the first month. However, it can take a little longer than this, i.e. two to three months, for great results, but you will see some almost immediately.  The good news is that should you decide to switch off the service after, say, four months, when you switch it back on again, you won’t have to wait four months to get to the level you were when you switched it off, but instead, only a couple of weeks.

Can I list a franchise?

Yes, you can; however, each individual location is treated as a single business, and the standard monthly cost would apply.

More Bang For Your Buck.

When you make the smart choice to partner with Quinndex for your business, get ready for an explosive surge in traffic that’ll turbocharge your success! We’re talking results that rival what you’d typically shell out 10-20 times more for with old-school advertising and SEO tactics like Google ads, Facebook ads, and SEO agencies.

And guess what? It all starts at just £1.65 a day – that’s less than the cost of a small coffee! Our loyal customers can vouch for the incredible value we deliver, and that’s how we keep our prices so competitive. Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity – power up your business with Quinndex today!

Quinndex Options

Select the perfect solution for your business. Remember, you can change or cancel your plan whenever you need to without any penalties.  There are no long-term contacts.  You can switch Quinndex on or off as required.

 Elevate Your Business with Our Blossom Package.  Embark on a journey of sustained growth– a remarkable blend of potency and affordability for long-term sales and SEO solutions.


250 Broadcasters: Harnessing the power of 250 broadcasters by utilising our innovative word-of-mouth strategies will germinate your business’ visibility and reputation, making sure it blossoms. 

Ultra Seo: Your listing isn’t just optimised; it’s ultra-optimised to secure a robust digital presence across all major search engines.

Prominent Exposure: Gain the spotlight with our featured exposure, ensuring your listing demands attention in all relevant search results pertaining to your business.

Intelligent Search Algorithms: Implementing our exclusive double search algorithms, we fortify your business’s online standing, providing a solid base for consistent prominence and reach. 

Enhanced Social Media Stats: Because of the significant traffic we will direct to your listing and, consequently, to your social media platforms, you’ll see an improvement in all areas of your social media presence, including increased followers, likes, and more.

Step into an elevated realm of visibility and conversion with Flourish, ensuring not just growth but a lush expanse of reach and customer engagement in the digital arena.


600 Broadcasters:  Double the broadcasting power, extending your reach and vibrancy through 600 dedicated broadcasters employing advanced word-of-mouth strategies.

Advanced SEO Optimization: Dive deeper into the digital sphere with advanced SEO strategies, enhancing your visibility and pulling quality traffic to your business.

Premium Exposure: Your listing doesn’t just appear; it reigns with premium positioning across all relevant search, weaving a tapestry of omnipresence and authority.

Intelligent Search Algorithms: Amplify stability and visibility with our triple search algorithms, ensuring your business doesn’t just stay afloat but sails smoothly across the vast online ocean.

Enhanced Social Media Stats: Our Flourish package takes your business listing to the next level by boosting your online presence. As we drive substantial traffic to your listing, your social media platforms will experience remarkable growth. Expect a significant increase in followers, likes, shares, and more, propelling your online influence to new heights.

Ascend to unprecedented heights with Zenith, where your business isn’t just seen but celebrated, embodying the epitome of visibility, customer engagement, and stellar growth.


950 Broadcasters: We Mobilise an army of 950 broadcasters, deploying a symphony of word-of-mouth strategies that resonate with your business’s values and offerings across extensive digital and physical territories.

Ultra-Premium SEO Optimization: Penetrate the market with an ultra-premium SEO schema, ensuring your business not only tops search results but becomes synonymous with the services you offer.

Elite Exposure: Ascend to the epitome of visibility where your listing isn’t just noticed but becomes a landmark, guiding a ceaseless stream of prospects to your business.

Intelligent Search Algorithms: Marrying innovation with steadfastness, our quadruple search algorithms offer an unassailable fortress of visibility, maintaining your business at the pinnacle of online searches and customer preference.

Enhanced Social Media Stats: Our Zenith package is designed to supercharge your business listing and catapult your social media presence to extraordinary levels. With a torrent of traffic directed to your listing, brace yourself for an unparalleled surge in social media engagement. You’ll witness a substantial rise in followers, likes, comments, shares, and more, establishing your brand as a dominant force in the digital landscape.